Lloyd Peace

LLOYD PEACE is a consultant based in Tokyo and Yokohama Japan,  who specializes in international communication training and career coaching since his arrival in 2013. For the past four years, he has coached clients in English communication and Presentation skills.

In 2015, he established Peace Works Japan, to create specialized programs and curricula to enable clients to achieve their communication and business goals.

As a senior sales, marketing and training executive at AT&T, based in Washington, DC, he is using an approach which emphasizes “Creation, Organization and Practice”. This is particularly important in assisting  clients to improve their presentation skills.

Lloyd’s avid interest in health and wellness, traditional Asian remedies and holistic medical practices are a key to his energetic and motivational approach to coaching.

He can be reached via e-mail at lloyd@peaceworksjapan.com


2015年、Peace Works Japanを設立し、専門プログラムとカリキュラムを組み、お客様のコミュニケーションやビジネスのゴール達成に貢献してきました。

ワシントン D.C.に拠点を持つAT&Tにおいて、シニアセールス、マーケティング、トレーニングエグゼクティブとして、「創造・組織・実践」を重視したアプローチを利用しています。これは、クライアントのプレゼンテーションスキル向上に特に重要です。






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